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It’s Monday morning. You roll over, swat at the snooze button on your all too reliable alarm clock, and think to yourself, Why me? You prod into the kitchen, fumble with the coffee pot and mope off to the shower to get ready for another day of work. As you make the Monday morning commute a feeling of dread overtakes you. How did I get here, and what happened to the passionate person that couldn’t wait to get to work, couldn’t wait to face the day? It is all too common. When someone loses their passion for work or life in general, and begins to simply go through the motions, it can feel like watching a loved one slowly die. No one wants to dread their job, and no one wants to simply go through the motions. In an article written by freelance blogger Michael Poh entitled, “10 ways to rekindle your passion for work”, he states “According to a recent study conducted by research-based, global performance-management consulting company Gallup, only 13%, or one-eighth of employees across 142 countries are engaged at work. This means if you are reading this now, there’s a high chance that you’re not enthusiastic about your job, much less passionate about it.”


In his article, he describes a number of ways to fight and overcome what he calls the Monday Blues. Each of the 10 steps that Poh lists are great ways to recapture passion in the workplace, but I feel that he neglects to mention one very important fact. That is, sometimes your workplace may be the problem, and all the effort in the world is not going to make that change. Whether it is because of poor management, limited advancement potential or any other interior factor, at some point you may have to consider a change. At Trinity Allied Partners, our passion is connecting excellent employees with outstanding opportunities.  If you’ve tried Poh’s 10 Steps, and you still find yourself discouraged, disinterested and you are ready to consider a change, contact any of our team members at

Let’s talk about what a change looks like for you, and how we can help you find the right fit that will reinvigorate and restore the passion you once had for your career.


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