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The Power of a Good First Impression



I think we all have heard the saying, “You never get a second Chance to make a first Impression”. While it is debated who gets credit for saying it first, it is generally accepted as fact by most people. Career coaches and personnel directors unanimously agree upon the crucial importance of a good first impression.

The very first perception that a prospective employer forms of you will either influence them to short-list you or drop you from contention. An experienced interviewer will understand that you are nervous and hopefully be able to look past any small nervous tells you have. But the impression that you imprint on their subconscious mind can still influence their final decision.

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Your Own Individual Identity

Any person’s blanket characteristics create a holistic impression on their counterparts that can be effectively and immensely persistent. There are social beliefs that almost everyone has become accustomed to these days where we have started to identify people using prevalent stereotypes. These are the social restraints you will have to overcome in order to push past the norms and get noticed. It is your job to make them see that generalizations are not what you are classified by, and that is why you can benefit their organization.

The Dilemma of Hiring Procedures

We are living in an age of constant advancement and development, and every niche of every industry has become intricately structured and highly competitive. It is much more difficult now to pull off a successful interview than it was a few years ago because employers have become more knowledgeable and they know precisely what they want from the employee.

The fact that there are so many candidates available in almost any field you will try to venture into has made your job a little harder still. Even a single wrong sentence or a bad handshake can topple your game and open doors for the next person waiting outside the interview chamber.

With employers becoming increasingly stringent, employees who want to get hired will have to have something the next person does not – your very own unique selling proposition. And all you can do to make sure you made an impact on the interviewee needs to be pulled off within the fifteen minutes that have been allotted to you.

The Simple Secret

There isn’t much to learning the secret of tackling the hiring game and coming out the winner, and the best advice any employer can give is that you need to come prepared for ANYTHING. Your employer will only test your skills when you do start working for them; the thing that they are looking for during an interview is the IT-factor. You have to be prepared to push your limits and still come out strong. No matter what they throw your way; you need to be able to catch it precisely and return the favor to bag that job!

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