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Why you need to relax and be yourself during your next interview


Changes in employment can be extremely nerve racking. Whether you’re considering a different position because you were laid off, relocating, looking for career advancement, not happy with your employer or you just simply want a new environment. It is always a stressful time trying to find just the right mixture of structure and freedom with a great employer. Obviously the pressure is much higher if you are unemployed and there our others depending on you. This stress is reduced by working with a recruiter who has taken time to get to know both the hiring manager and the candidate and can help them both find that right match. Whether you’ve got the interview on your own or through a recruiter what I want you to remember is that no matter what the reason you’re interviewing, you need to relax and be yourself. I like to compare it to dating; the candidate and the interviewer are both trying to see if this is a good match. Here are some of the things that you might not have thought about and some links to articles that I recommend you read.

  • The interviewer is trying to get to know you and figure out if you are going to fit into a team. If you don’t act like yourself then how are they supposed to get to know you? They might miss something crucial about you that could have helped you avoid getting into a team where you don’t fit in.
  • They are probably nervous too. Hiring the wrong person might cause them to lose respect, a promotion or a commission.
  • If they are a new human resources person or a new manager. They might be trying to gain respect and they might be too eager to put a person in the position. While you want a new position I doubt you want to end up in a position that isn’t a good fit.
  • Since you’re interviewing them as well, they might be nervous about losing the star candidate that their group manager really wants.
  • Be prepared for the interview but not overly rehearsed. There are many interview styles and you should be familiar enough with them that they don’t throw you off balance. Don’t over prepare to the point where you sound like a recording but be familiar enough to calmly answer and ask questions.

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