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Staying Positive


We all have our burdens to bear and holidays can sometimes make it seem like everything is spinning out of control. During these times of stress it is very important for us all to stay positive and work through our issues whatever they may be. Having a negative attitude can not only ruin an entire year of good work and thus affect your next review but it can also decrease productivity throughout the office and alienate your coworkers. Different people will have various ways of staying positive and I’m not going to tell you which one is perfect for you. I’m also not going to tell you to change who you are (you got this far being you so you must be doing something right). I will share with you some of my favorite ways to deal with the Grinch within as well as some links that I hope you find helpful.

  1. Be constructive, beneficial and positive – I proactively look for ways to help others around the office. I find that by doing good deeds it gives me an extra little boost that can help me focus and be productive in my own duties. I also audit my social networking status updates and emails to make sure that what I say is said in the most positive way possible while still being effective and professional.
  2. Grab that low hanging fruit – I find that by scheduling the day so that I complete some easier task early gives me that positive feeling of accomplishment that helps me with the harder tasks.
  1. Dive into your individual projects – Sometimes it’s easier to stay happy and focused when I’m involved in projects that I have control over. Projects where I don’t need to wait on another person or group to accomplish.
  1. Don’t give into negative self-talk – Take a few minutes to pump yourself up. It can be as easy as reflecting on your accomplishments. On a tougher day you might want to remind yourself of how you earned the position you have or remembering why you received that award on your bookshelf. I’ve been known to read an old evaluation or citation from an award that I received.

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