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Mind Your Conversations


Face it we have all walked away from that big interview or important conversation and thought, “What was I thinking? Why would I bring that up?” You can avoid many of those situations by being prepared and knowing what you want to say before you enter the conversation. Most of the conversations that you have in the work place can be at least partial scripted and rehearsed so that you always say the right thing. In my opinion preparation is always key and when you are in a professional environment it can be the difference between you and your co-worker with their foot in their mouth. When faced with topics that throw you for a loop, remember to pause and think things through before replying. If you just don’t know how to answer them or don’t think they are appropriate topics you can always choose to not answer them or redirect them. Whatever you’re saying remember to keep a positive attitude. Below are links to some articles about the subject that I would recommend reading.Helpful links

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